Erotic Thai Massage

Erotic Thai Yoga Massage

The engaging body positions and movements of Thai Yoga Massage can help you and your loved ones get out of oppressive sexual ruts. Start by imitating the sensual and erotic possibilities of just one Thai position. By following along with the demonstration and learning the Thai structure--although it may feel awkward at first--you are escaping your movement habits.  Enroll Now.

Taoist Sexual Reflexology

Sexual arousal in Taoism is a way to nourish the body. Taoists believe that tissues in the genitals are connected to organs and other parts of the body, so touching the genitals stimulates and activates full-bodied states of arousal that you can linger in for as long as you wish.  Enroll Now.

Erotic Possibilities With Thai Massage

In these Thai Massage videos, Loren Johnson teaches you the basics while brilliantly adjusting the massage to include more possibilities for genital contact. By doing this, he invites you to decide for yourself what erotic adventures can happen as you practice this amazing massage. Enroll Now.