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Erotic Thai Yoga Massage

Sex with ourselves and our intimates can bring joy into our hearts and pleasure into our bodies. But sex can also become quite habitual – even boring. These tedious erotic repetitions can capture us for months – sometimes years.

The engaging body positions and movements of Thai Yoga Massage can help you and your loved ones get out of oppressive sexual ruts. Start by imitating the sensual and erotic possibilities of just one Thai position (we recommend starting with the first two positions here). By following along with the demonstration and learning the Thai structure–although it may feel awkward at first–you are escaping your movement habits. Watch the practice segment with your partner. Then take turns repeating the movements in the video with each other– again and again. Return often to the video to watch the movements you are learning. As you become more comfortable with your new choreography, you can start to be more playful and creative.

Loren Johnson, who has both a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and a Senior Instructor Certification from Grandmaster Mantak Chia, teaches all the Thai Yoga Massage instruction in this class. Loren will teach you the basics while brilliantly adjusting the traditional massage to include more possibilities for creative genital contact. By doing this, he invites you to decide for yourself what erotic adventures can happen as you practice Thai Yoga Massage. You can also use Loren’s videos to learn traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

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