Joseph Kramer’s Core Pleasure

Fire in the Valley - Female Genital Massage

60 minutes of video with Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

Fire in the Valley, our most popular class, offers step-by-step instruction in pleasuring a woman. You will learn thirty delightful massage strokes for the vulva, with a special emphasis on erectile tissue: the vagina, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, legs of the clitoris, urethral sponge,and the often forgotten perineal sponge. Enroll Now.

Fire on the Mountain - Male Genital Massage

73 minutes of video with Joseph Kramer.

The ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man's penis. Learn the joys of giving and receiving a genital massage that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. You will learn up to thirty amazing ways to pleasure a penis. Each stroke, each caress offers him specific sensations and astonishing pleasures. Enroll Now.

Anal Massage on a Woman

In this class, explore and learn the pleasures of anal touch by practicing along with two long-term couples and with the best teacher of anal massage in the world.

“Anal massage is more common than anal intercourse,” according to sex therapist Dr. Jack Morin. He continues, “Virtually anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can become more aware of the anal area, learn to relax anal-rectal muscles and expand their capacity to enjoy whichever types of anal stimulation may be desired. Required, however, is sufficient motivation, a little patience, and a clear idea of how to proceed. It is also necessary to become aware of and to challenge the effects of anal taboo. Almost everyone with whom I have worked has found that the rewards--anal pleasure and health--are well worth the effort.” Enroll Now.

The Best of Vulva Massage

Two hours of first-class vulva touch from ten down-to-earth experts.

This class gathers easy-to-learn teachings and demonstrations from ten different practiced sex educators. This collection teaches the full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching, performance art and good old-fashioned pleasuring. Enroll Now.

The Best of Penis Massage

63 minutes of video with eleven luminaries of erotic massage.

Eroticize your partner’s whole body by stimulating the genitals. Do the same for yourself. In this video collection, eleven somatic sex educators guide you in myriad ways to electrify your partner’s body, or your own, with penis massage. These teachers offer the full spectrum of male genital massage: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, erotic initiation, sex coaching, exploring altered states, and good old-fashioned pleasuring. Enjoy the playfulness and creativity of male genital massage and liberate yourself from sexual habit. Enroll Now.

Lovers Getting Started with Erotic Massage

Anastasia and Destin are sex educators who have just become lovers. They both wanted to begin a regular practice of erotic massage as one of their ways of lovemaking. All forms of Orgasmic Yoga for lovers taught here involve a commitment to ongoing, co-created, erotic massage sessions. The practices involve the lovers taking turns giving and receiving touch while consciously breathing together. This separation of giving and receiving opens the possibility for deeper levels of embodiment and new ways of relating as a couple. Enroll Now.

Anal Massage on a Man

A majority of men have sensory amnesia in their anal area.  When they were infants, before being brainwashed by the anal taboo, they enjoyed feeling all parts of their bodies. Anal massage helps us to place our attention on forgotten tissue and reclaim the ability to feel. In this class you will practice along with two skilled couples, demonstrating basic strokes as well as advanced techniques of anal eroticism.  Professionals and beginners alike can benefit from a Master Class with Chester Mainard, the most skillful anal masseur in the world. Enroll Now.

Soft Cock Erotic Massage

Why have so few men experienced the wonders of soft cock erotic massage? Would you be interested if it were possible to orgasm from soft cock erotic massage? Ursula, Jesse and Tho are skilled erotic bodyworkers. They offer you a master class in giving and receiving a neglected pleasure—soft cock erotic massage. You will learn more than twenty ways to take your man into orgasmic bliss by stimulating his soft penis. Enroll Now.