Jaiya’s Touch for Lovers

Connected Cunnilingus - Pleasuring with Mouth and Touch

Two skilled couples demonstrate using your hands as well as your mouth to increase your partner's pleasure as well as your own. These cunnilingus techniques range from introductory to advanced. Enroll Now.

Fabulous Fellatio - Pleasuring with Mouth and Touch

Leading sex educator, Jaiya, teaches how to bring your lover and yourself to full-body erotic pleasure using a wide range of intimate techniques. Learn new approaches to kissing as well as advanced techniques in oral sex on a man in this class. Enroll Now.


Jaiya’s Genital Massage for People with Vulvas

Learn how to take your lover into extraordinary erotic states. With specific instruction and explicit close ups, Jaiya guides you through massage strokes for the clitoris, vulva, g-spot, and vagina. Three male-female couples demonstrate their love through conscious, intimate touch. Enroll Now.

Jaiya’s Genital Massage for People with Penises

Three erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new sexual pleasure patterns in their bodies. The masseuses demonstrate twenty ways to touch the male genitals. Enroll Now.

Jaiya's Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

Jaiya believes that both men and women can use their hands more creatively during intercourse. What do you do with your hands during intercourse? Three sensuous couples demonstrate over thirty techniques to enhance full body arousal and deep intimate connection.
 Enroll Now.

Jaiya’s Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

Three sensuous couples guide you in making love with your hands and heart, as well as with your lips, hips, breath, chest, and mouth. Jaiya takes us on a magical mystery tour of the whole body with special emphasis on the non-genital erogenous zones. Enroll Now.

Jaiya’s Exquisite Anal Massage

In this video class, you will see two women and a man receive external and internal anal massage. Jaiya shows us how to milk the prostate and massage the g-spot through the anus. Anal massage can bring orgasmic sensations and relaxation to your lover's entire body. Enroll Now.

femme à femme - Erotic Massage

Five sensuous women teach us a massage for the female body. The strokes you will learn are gentle, flowing, and nurturing. This massage approaches the whole body as an erogenous zone. Enroll Now.