Anal Massage

Anal Massage on a Woman

In this class, explore and learn the pleasures of anal touch by practicing along with two long-term couples and with the best teacher of anal massage in the world.

“Anal massage is more common than anal intercourse,” according to sex therapist Dr. Jack Morin. He continues, “Virtually anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can become more aware of the anal area, learn to relax anal-rectal muscles and expand their capacity to enjoy whichever types of anal stimulation may be desired. Required, however, is sufficient motivation, a little patience, and a clear idea of how to proceed. It is also necessary to become aware of and to challenge the effects of anal taboo. Almost everyone with whom I have worked has found that the rewards--anal pleasure and health--are well worth the effort.” Enroll Now.

Anal Massage on a Man

A majority of men have sensory amnesia in their anal area.  When they were infants, before being brainwashed by the anal taboo, they enjoyed feeling all parts of their bodies. Anal massage helps us to place our attention on forgotten tissue and reclaim the ability to feel. In this class you will practice along with two skilled couples, demonstrating basic strokes as well as advanced techniques of anal eroticism.  Professionals and beginners alike can benefit from a Master Class with Chester Mainard.  Enroll Now.

Mapping: Practicing Placement of Attention

Three of the videos in this class teach anal mapping, a wonderful complement to anal massage. Mapping involves applying finger pressure in a focused, structured way to specific points on the body. The focus here is on somatic awareness, not on giving a massage. Sometimes only five points will be held in an hour. The person receiving decides. To facilitate communication with the person being mapped, agree that you will follow their guidance on pressure, vibration, and when to move to another point. Keep in mind that some points may trigger painful memories or surprising amounts of pleasure. Enroll Now.

Jaiya’s Exquisite Anal Massage

In this video class, you will see two women and a man receive external and internal anal massage. Jaiya shows us how to milk the prostate and massage the g-spot through the anus. Anal massage can bring orgasmic sensations as well as deep relaxation to your lover's entire body.  Enroll Now.

SexBod Sessions

In this class you will see demonstrations of Sexological Bodywork sessions. Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are professional somatic sex educators who teach through body-based exercises and experiences. In the video Vulva Anal Eroticism, Sexological Bodyworker Roy Turpin simultaneously stimulates the vulva and anus, transporting Suz into an altered reality. In Communicating Pleasure, Frans includes anal play in his session with Manuel. Enroll Now.