Full Body Sessions

femme à femme - Erotic Massage

Five sensuous women including Jaiya demonstrate for us giving a full body Esalen massage. The strokes are gentle, flowing, and nurturing. This massage approaches the whole body as an erogenous zone. Joseph Kramer says, “I gave a version of this massage to more than a thousand individuals as part of an erotic massage session. Thank you to Ray Stubbs, who created it.” Enroll Now.

SexBod Sessions

Many Sexological Bodyworkers make sure to include the whole body in their sessions, no matter what the focus or intention is for that session. You will see that in Communicating Pleasure, Bottom Bliss, Transcendent Bodies and Sustained Arousal. In all of these sessions, you will see how constant communication is extremely important. Enroll Now.

Jaiya’s Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

Three sensuous couples guide you in making love with your hands and heart, as well as with your lips, hips, breath, chest, and mouth. Jaiya takes us on a magical mystery tour of the whole body with special emphasis on the non-genital erogenous zones. Enroll Now.

Erotic Thai Yoga Massage

Taoist Teacher Loren Johnson suggests including erotic touch in the more traditional Thai Yoga Massage.  He shows a complete sequence on a woman in Thai Yoga Massage Master Sequence and on a man in Thai Couple Massage, Part 1 & Part 2. Follow along with the demonstration although it may feel awkward at first. By learning the Thai massage structure, you can become more playful with your partner while escaping from your habitual ways of moving. Enroll Now.