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Taoist Sexual Reflexology

The Taoist approach to sex is quite different from the way most people have sex. The norm in sex is to build excitement in the nervous system through solo or partnered stimulation, with a goal to orgasm/ejaculate and then quiet the excitement in one’s nervous system. This sexual process seeks to satisfy a habitual “wanting.” Taoists, on the other hand, savor and enjoy bodily sensations without kowtowing to the impulse to orgasm and release. Because sexual energy energizes and nourishes the body, Taoists recommend lingering in states of arousal for as long as one wishes. (It is clear to Taoists that ejaculation and orgasm are two different events. It is important to note that Taoism encourages men to avoid excessive ejaculation but encourages both men and women to orgasm as much as they wish).


“Reflexology has traditionally been practiced by massaging and pressing points on the hands and feet. These techniques have been proven to be a powerful method of healing. Yet reflexology is much more extensive than merely pressure points on the hands and feet. Reflexology refers to reflection, or mirror image…Reflexology teaches that vital energy, or life force, circulates among the organs and every living tissue in the body. Sexual reflexology uses ancient Taoist wisdom to tap into a rich source of vitality by working with sexual energy and the way it manifests in the body. It is based on the principle that sexual health is an indispensable aspect of a fulfilling life.” 

– Mantak Chia and William Wei in Sexual Reflexology, pg 24.

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