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The Best of Vulva Massage

The Best of Vulva Massage

The Best of Vulva Massage

The Best of Vulva Massage course offers a stimulating variety of teachings from nine other New School of Erotic Touch courses and from sixteen DVDs. This collection teaches a full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching, performance art and good old-fashioned pleasuring.

This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this class you can learn:
• How to relax while being sexually stimulated
• Creative uses of the Hitachi Magic Wand
• Finding and pleasuring the G-Spot and the A-Spot
• How to do the Big Draw
• Preparations for Female Ejaculation
• Massage techniques to use during intercourse
• The varieties of vulva
• Anal-vulva eroticism

Instructors Include: Joseph Kramer, Annie Sprinkle, Jaiya, Jon Hanauer, Tallulah Sulis, Betty Dodson, Dorrie Lane, Jwalla, Destin and Anastasia, Roy Turpin and Suz.

Class Format:  Two hours of video
watch online or download
This class is taken from the DVD “Best of Vulva Massage, Volume II". "The Best of Vulva Massage, Volume I", is only available in DVD format.

The Body Electric School offers over fifty classes yearly in North America and Australia. Students learn sensual massage (including vulva massage), mindful masturbation, erotic spirituality, tribal eroticism and more. Celebrate your body as a valuable and authentic guide. Enroll in the Body Electric School. 


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