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Erotic Massage Dancing

Erotic Massage Dancing is a new modality developed within the profession of Sexological Bodywork to teach erotic self-regulation. Erotic Massage Dancing involves you, the receiver, “dancing” with your sexual arousal while on a massage table. You guide the massage, giving specific instructions throughout to the giver. You focus your attention within your own body while consciously playing with movement, breath, sound and self- touch. This embodiment practice, also called “active receiving,” supports learning erotic self-regulation.

Although you may give guidance to your masseur, your sessions should include as little talking as possible. Your placement of attention is within your own moving and breathing body. Remember, this is not about lovemaking, partner engagement, or romance. This dancing experience allows you to consciously access, play with, and even choreograph profound ecstatic states. Erotic Massage Dancing is about celebrating sustained sexual arousal

If the receiver becomes distracted and stops dancing, the giver invites them back into mindfulness by reminding the receiver to breathe or move. “Where is your breath?” “Where is your movement?” The giver sometimes reminds the receiver of the intention stated at the beginning of the session. If the attempts to help the receiver remain present are not successful, the giver may choose to stop touching. When this happens, the receiver is often pulled back into the present. The goal is to prevent habitual disassociation from the body so the dancer can fully be with the erotic aliveness in their body.

Erotic Massage Dancing is just one of the ways Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients integrate sexual arousal into all parts of their body. If you are a sex educator or feel called to be of service to others as a sex educator, you can explore more Sexological Bodywork training at www.yogaofsex.com.

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