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Erotic Massage Dancing

This mini-class on Erotic Massage Dancing comes from the training manual for Sexological Bodyworkers. This “active receiving” approach to erotic massage was developed by Sexological Bodyworkers to teach erotic self-regulation skills.


Helpful guidance for offering Erotic Massage Dancing:

  • The intention of the Sexological Bodyworker is to help the receiver stay present during sexual arousal – preventing sexual habit or fantasy from taking attention away from the body. Guiding the receiver in conscious breathing keeps the receiver present.
  • The person receiving guides the touch from the Sexological Bodyworker, consciously directing their own arousal. At times, the Sexological Bodyworker may pause the touch, asking, “How can we make this better?”
  • The person receiving is encouraged to allow their arousal to physically move them – to dance their arousal.
  • The role of the Sexological Bodyworker is to get into rhythm with the receiver’s movement and breath while massaging the receiver. The receiver sets the rhythm. The Sexological Bodyworker dances with that rhythm.
  • If the receiver becomes distracted and stops moving, the Sexological Bodyworker invites them back into the dance. This might involve reminding the receiver to breathe or move. “Where is your breath?” “Where is your movement?” If the attempts to help the receiver remain present are not successful, the Sexological Bodyworker may choose to stop touching. Distracted receivers almost always respond to the absence of touch.
  • Sexological Bodyworkers are skilled at offering a wide variety of arousing strokes. Most people have three or fewer ways of stimulating their own genitals. Feeling novel ways of being stimulated during erotic massage helps the receiver to stay present. (Note the genital stimulation techniques in the video demonstrations below).
  • The Sexological Bodyworker uses touch to bring awareness to habitual muscle constrictions that often accompany arousal. The Sexological Bodyworker can even encourage the receiver to touch and vibrate their own places of tension.
  • Many people only feel sexual pleasure in their genital area. Encouraging the receiver to move and breathe helps to spread sensations throughout the body.

You can expand your erotic touch repertoire with more than twenty hours of instructional videos on EroticMassage.com. In the two videos below, Moshe and Anastasia demonstrate Erotic Massage Dancing. You can view more Erotic Massage Dancing sessions, including a longer version of Anastasia’s session here.

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