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Divine Nectar - The Magic of Female Ejaculation

Learn from six erotically-gifted women who share with us their personal stories and explicit demonstrations of female ejaculation. Most women have the capacity for the ejaculation experience. With this visionary class you can awaken that capacity. 

Joy of Thrusting

Modern men have lost a lot of fluidity in their hips. American men are especially notorious for the immobility of their hips. Where can men learn to move from rigid grinding to graceful pelvic thrusting. In this class Philip Deal demonstrates more than twenty different thrusting practices and positions making use of a Fleshlight.

Poetry in Practice

Poet Letta Neely begins slow and easy, caressing her whole body. "Learn your body," she says in her soundtrack poem. As her session evolves, she focuses more on arousal and excitement. Her message to us all as we masturbate, "Liberate yourself."

Male Genital Massage

This is the ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man's penis. Learn the joys of giving and receiving thirty genital massage strokes that often produce a transformative full-bodied orgasm. Includes instruction on the Big Draw, a pleasurable alternative to ejaculation.

Female Genital Massage

Annie Sprinkle promises that with this massage video, you can satisfy a woman to her core ... every time! In Fire in the Valley, you will learn from three erotically-gifted women as they receive thirty different erotic massage strokes on their erectile tissues - including the clitoris, labia, g-spot and vagina.

Sexual Kung Fu

A Chinese form of Orgasmic Yoga, Sexual Kung Fu is the skillful practice of sex. Kung means practice and Fu is skill. Practice consists of cultivating high levels of energy through the systematic process of arousal. Tools of breathing and mindfulness are then utilized to circulate that energy throughout the body and brain.

Your Junk is Someone’s Treasure

The state of sexual arousal generated by masturbating represents a resource one can learn to use. If you frequently masturbate but don’t make optimal use of your arousal, perhaps the embodied men shown masturbating in this section will inspire you and even show you some erotic skills that will get you moving. All of these men started masturbating as boys in the traditional frozen, almost motionless manner. They all learned new erotic ways, like your doing. Check out what is possible with practice.

Healing Sexual Trauma

Somatic teacher Staci Haines, author of Healing Sex: A Mind- Body Approach and the best-selling, Politics of Trauma, offers this video training in Healing Sexual Abuse. The teaching is not just for survivors of sexual abuse. Psychotherapists, sex coaches, tantra teachers, and somatic practitioners of all sorts and their clients will benefit from these body-based practices for healing.

Playing with Hands Free Arousal

Hands-Free Arousal involves moving and thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or vibrator. The hands, liberated from genital stimulation, can now touch and play with all parts of the body. This practice disrupts chronic chest tension and enables feelings of freedom, openness and ease of breathing.

Erotic Nothingness - Allowing Sex to Have It's Way with Us

Peter Denger, a meditator for thirty-five years, demonstrates this mindfulness massage twice—once on a woman and once on a man. There is nothing for the receiver to do except to be aware. The receiver is asked be attentive to their sensations without attaching to them. This Orgasmic Yoga practice has been influenced by Buddhist Insight meditation.

Women’s Studies Department: Exploring Arousal

Watching and enjoying the women in this class pleasure themselves can be transformational if you are fully present. Be sure to breathe deeply. Remember, mindful erotic practice is the sexual medicine of the 21st century. “The relative invisibility of women’s masturbation infects women’s consciousness about how they talk about, think about, and engage in masturbation,” writes Professor Breanne Fahs in a 2014 article in the Journal of Sex Research.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Liz Wilson, a somatic sex educator, makes a practice of enjoying all of her erectile tissue. She begins her session by massaging the legs of her clitoris and her vestibular bulbs. She then strokes and caresses her clitoral shaft and surrounding tissue. After her whole vulva is awakened, she goes inside, pleasuring her urethral and perineal sponges. Liz knows where to find her "buried treasure."

Uranus: Self Anal Massage

Anal pleasure and health are important frontiers to be explored by all men. Watch and learn self rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation. Discover the best positions, toys and dildos to maximize your relaxation and pleasure.

Evolutionary Masturbation

The word "evolutionary" coupled with solo sex reminds us of a mind-boggling truth. When we mindfully masturbate, we contribute to the awesome unfolding taking place both in our individual selves and in the whole human community. Mindful masturbation is creative and procreative.
The demonstrations in this video class can help you manage, regulate and play with your sexual arousal. Four ecstatic masturbators show you over thirty ways to bring movement, breathing, relaxation, and creativity into your Orgasmic Yoga sessions. If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this class is for you. If you masturbate playfully and creatively, we promise you will still benefit from this class.