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Fire on the Mountain – Male Genital Massage

Fire on the Mountain, our second most popular class, offers step-by-step instruction in giving a massage to a cock. You will learn up to thirty amazing ways to pleasure a penis with your hands.  Each stroke, each caress offers specific sensations and pleasures. The difference between a hand job and this erotic massage is like the difference between banging on a piano or playing Mozart. You’ll find written descriptions of the 30 strokes from this class in the blog on this website.

This erotic massage has been given again and again by tens of thousands of lovers, intimate friends, Tantra massage therapists, Sexological Bodyworkers and Body Electric grads. If you want to take your penis owner to a new place, this is the class for you–demonstrated by two couples, m/m and m/f.

Joseph Kramer, the creator of this massage, says, “In my twenty-five years of teaching, my most profound experiences have involved a form of erotic bodywork called Taoist Erotic Massage. This massage often takes the receiver into a state of prolonged sexual arousal.  The rhythmic breathing and genital stimulation of a Taoist Erotic Massage activate altered states of consciousness that some call the LSD of sex education. I have witnessed thousands individuals access and benefit from these astonishing states.”

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