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Anal Massage on a Man

“The single most important lesson I’ve learned during my 35-year stint as Dr. Anal: The widespread belief that one must choose between anal pleasure OR anal health is terribly off the mark. In reality, a person who desires maximum anal enjoyment should follow virtually the same steps as anyone who seeks optimal anal wellness. Both require:
• deepening awareness of the anal area and its functioning
• total elimination of anal pain
• reduction of muscular tension
• replacing negative feelings and attitudes toward the anus and rectum with positive ones.”

–from Dr. Jack Morin, author of Anal Pleasure and Health

In this class, explore giving a rosebud massage, penetrating the anus gracefully, and the pleasures of anal eroticism, especially “male G spot.”  And Chester Mainard offers a master class on how to pleasure the anus and more of a man.  And the two anal massage sessions in this class are brilliant.

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