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The G-Spot and the Fountain of You

By: Annie Sprinkle Ph.D.

Annie Sprinkle

Explore Your Ever Changing Terrain

Have you ever noticed that your sexual responses can change day to day, hour to hour? Our erotic energy is influenced by so many factors, it is important that we make a commitment to exploring our sexual responses over time. You may have a “blah” experience with your partner on Friday and on Saturday have a fabulous time. To explore the ups, downs and all arounds of your sexual response, I suggest you receive a vulva massage for three days in a row. You can give yourself this massage or your lover can be the giver. See how it feels each day, and what else in your day has influenced the experience. Be curious and open to surprise. I recommend watching these vulva massage video clips each day- you’ll notice something different each time. It may even be useful to watch them both before and after you receive your massages.


May I tell you the story of my G-Spot?

About fifteen years ago, in one of the first women’s sexuality workshops I taught, I asked the thirty women in attendance if they knew where their g-spots were. Just one or two out of 30 women knew. Fifteen years later, at a workshop at the same place, I asked the same question, and all but one or two said they knew. More and more women have become aware of this pleasurable spot, and the whole concept has become very much a part of female sexual consciousness.

When the best selling book The G Spot, by Whipple, Ladis and Perry, first came out in 1982, I was of course very interested in what it had to say. Just as I was reading the book, one of its co- authors called me out of the blue. Dr. John D. Perry was an ordained minister, psychologist and sexologist. He’d heard that I had done some movies where I might be “female ejaculating,” and he wanted to use some clips in his lectures. I told him that I didn’t know if I was “ejaculating.” Indeed I had been leaving big wet spots on the bed on occasion, and it didn’t feel like I was peeing, but I’d never heard it called “ejaculating.” So I invited him to my apartment for lunch, to teach me and some of my best girlfriends more about the g-spot and female ejaculation. My friends, as well as I, were all very curious to see what this was all about.

Dr. Perry generously shared his knowledge. I asked him if he could show me where my own g-spot was. I still wasn’t sure, even after reading his book. I lay back on my bed with my gal pals gathered around, Dr. Perry inserted his finger inside me and pressed up on my urethral sponge several times. My first thought was, oh, I know that spot very well. It was a totally familiar feeling. My second thought was, is that all there is? What’s the big deal?

But over time I really ‘came’ to appreciate the delights that my g-spot had to offer. Eventually I learned to go deeper into the feelings of electric pleasure that my g spot gave when it was pressed on or stimulated. These days, g spot stimulation is an integral part of my sexual enjoyment. Happily, many sex educators have continued to learn and teach about the g-spot and female ejaculation.

Recommended Video: Deborah Sundahl is one of the leading experts on the subject. In this video clip, watch her speak about female ejaculation.


My Top Tips for Finding Your G-Spot

1. Talk with other women about their g-spots.
2. Find someone who knows about g-spots and if you aren’t too shy, ask them to show you.
3. Ask your gynecologist. Hopefully s/he will know.
4. Know that it’s actually very obvious. Don’t expect it have the same feelings and sensations as your clitoris does. It has different sensations when pressed-- more electric, similar to feeling like you have to pee but more pleasurable. It feels especially good when you are already aroused.
5. Look at diagrams of g-spots in several books or on the Internet. Some diagrams are way better than others.
6. Ask your lover to help you find your g-spot, by having him/her press on various different spots. Communicate about this as you go. Let it be rather clinical. Have fun looking.
7. Try pressing firmly on various spots yourself when masturbating. This will help you better distinguish your g-spot from other spots. Some women can use their finger. Or get a special g-spotter type of sex toy/tool, which has a nice curve to put pressure on the front vaginal wall.
8. Feel for the spot that is more spongy and textured. This is your urethral sponge. Explore the whole area and notice if some spots are more electric than others.
9. Look for your urethral sponge with a mirror. Hold a mirror between your legs, and bear down on your vagina. Push out. Sometimes you can see the spongy area peek out as you are pushing out.

For the Giver:


Recommended Video for enrolled students

Before you enter your partner, be sure to ask permission. After she gasps, "yes," proceed with the strokes. Be sure to use abundant lubrication. Watch this video clip to see an example of asking permission:
Vulva Massage Video Clip #1 (from "Fire in the Valley")

Slowly but deliberately insert your thumb inside her vagina, and curl your fingers up around her pubic bone (finger tips point to navel.) Then wriggle and jiggle your hand. Rest your free hand on her heart area. Watch her glow. While securely holding your partner you can stimulate both her g-spot and clitoris at the same time, or you can alternate between the two. From this video clip, learn how to massage all around the internal terrain, including the front and back walls, near the cervix, and right around the opening.
Vulva Massage Video Clip #2 (from "Fire in the Valley")

Then begin to caress your partner's urethral sponge by pressing up towards her navel and hooking your finger in a “come here” motion. Notice that the urethral sponge has a rougher texture than the vaginal walls.
Vulva Massage Video Clip #3 (from "Fire in the Valley")

Go right behind her pubic bone. Ask your partner to help you locate the places where she is most sensitive. For many women, the whole urethral sponge is wonderfully pleasurable and there is no need to focus on one spot. But many women feel the most electrical charge on a specific spot. Massage with circles, pulsing motions and deeper vibrations on this very sensitive place. If your partner wants more excitement, add clitoral stimulation as you massage the G-Spot and urethral sponge.

As the pleasure builds, the masseur can create more stimulation by a twisting of the fingers and using faster or even vigorous thrusting. Watch this video clip for a demonstration:

Vulva Massage Video Clip #4 (from "Fire in the Valley")

As you are receiving your massage, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. There are no right or wrong emotions or sensations. Just notice it, and remember that you can receive another massage tomorrow and may have a very different experience. Notice how each massage is different from the others. If you and your partner are willing, you may want to extend this exercise to seven days of vaginal massages in a row!


After enjoying three, seven, or more internal massages, I recommend perusing my tutorial on female ejaculation. Things can really get wet and wild when we focus even more yummy touch on our G-Spots!