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Taoist Erotic Massage (E-Book)

This easy-to-read doctoral dissertation by somatic sexologist Joseph Kramer examines Taoist Erotic Massage, a sexual experience involving conscious breathing, genital touching, movement, and intention. This erotic body meditation can produce a variety of transformative altered states in those receiving it.

The most profound potential of this massage is that an individual can access high states of arousal that are free from early sexual imprinting. In other words, this massage offers a prolonged orgasmic state that can liberate the receiver from shame, inhibiting religious dogma, cultural caveats and limiting sexual habits. This erotic trance state can be savored, but it also offers an opportunity that one can make use of.

This study explains the transformational dynamics of Taoist Erotic Massage using of Silvan Tomkins' affect and script theories and Donald Mosher's Depth of Sexual Involvement Theory.

This book also includes the story of how this massage evolved, descriptions of one-on-one sessions, and how it has been taught to groups.

If you have had mystical or life-changing experiences while giving or receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage, this dissertation could assist you in understanding the full scope of your experience, as well as how to make better use of that experience in the future.

The DVDs Fire on the Mountain: Male Genital Massage and Fire in the Valley--Female Genital Massage offer practical guidance in learning Taoist Erotic Massage.

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Taoist Erotic Massage is also available as a spiral-bound booka spiral-bound book.