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Red Hot Touch: Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

Red Hot Touch: Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

40 min.

Join Jaiya, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra Teacher, and author of “Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms” as she leads you into a sensuous world of erotic touch for sexual positions. In this explicit and highly erotic DVD, three couples play with touch, genital stimulation and a wide variety of positions to take sex to a higher level of pleasure.

You will be guided through sexual positions and instructed in ways to use your hands to make each position more pleasurable through touch. With voice over instruction, an original score, and filmed in High Definition on three studio stages this high quality video is not only an educational tool but a highly erotic work of art.

This DVD is also available for a reduced price when purchased with other Red Hot Touch DVDs. See the Red Hot Touch Collection.

In this DVD you will learn

  • Genital massage, erogenous zones, and orgasmic massage for sexual positions
  • Side lying positions to deepen intimacy and connection
  • Creative ways to make love
  • Ejaculatory delay techniques