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Red Hot Touch: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

Red Hot Touch: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

60 min.

Loving someone is the act of placing your attention on that person. This DVD will guide you in making love with your hands and heart, as well as with your lips, hips, breath, chest, and mouth. Guided by Jaiya, Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra teacher, and co-founder of New World Sex Education, Jaiya shows us how getting touch from a lover can be very different from getting touch from a massage therapist.

This orgasmic massage includes the body from head to toe, in ways that both arouse and propel your partner into profound erotic trance.
Jaiya does not teach genital touch in this DVD, so she recommends complementing this orgasmic massage with her teaching in Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage for Women and Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage for Men.

The six teachers you will see will inspire you to practice. Jon and Jaiya are seasoned lovers, bringing years of Sexological Bodywork and Tantra study to their intimate interactions. The young beauties, Eros and Eden, touch--as their names suggest—with love and innocence. Rachel and Clark are wild--artists of the flesh. Beautifully filmed in High Definition with original music and three gorgeous sets.

This DVD is also available for a reduced price when purchased with other Red Hot Touch DVDs. See the Red Hot Touch Collection.

With this DVD you will learn

  • The location of erogenous zones throughout the entire body
  • How to touch the body to bring on orgasmic sensations
  • Massage techniques for relaxation and pleasure
  • Ways to connect deeper into intimacy with a partner
  • Positions for giving massage on a bed, mat or massage table
  • How to fully receive pleasure through movement and breathing