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Lovers Getting Started with Erotic Massage

Lovers Getting Started with Erotic Massage

120 min.

We can be partnered with someone for years and still not know what touches they enjoy. Anastasia and Destin are artists and sex educators learning how to be an erotic couple. In this serene setting with elegant lighting, we see their beautiful bodies undulating in full response to touch. They show you how they use touch to expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust. Finally, Lovers is for real people. Many of us can feel sensitive when we are trying new ways of having sex. Anastasia and Destin give us access to incredibly intimate and vulnerable discussions that only real lovers have.

Dr. Joseph Kramer says, "It's no mistake we put Getting Started in the title because oftentimes it's the first step that's the hardest. But what a pay off--finding new ways to create extraordinary connection and unlimited pleasure for ourselves and our lovers."

DVD Features

Anastasia's Astonishing Sexual Response

Four Hands on Destin:  All four of the lovers' hands caress and arouse Destin

Woman on Top: Anastasia creates new sensations in Destin as she climbs on top

Our Favorite Strokes: Our lovers teach the penis and vulva massage strokes they love the most

Preparing to Touch: Stretching and Breathing

Penis Make-Over: Foreskin Restoration exercises for a man and his partner to increase penis sensitivity

Plus extra resources for you to expand your education.