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Somatic Sex Coaching with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Somatic Sex Coaching with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Embodied Erotic Coaching with Joseph Kramer supports you in creating structured daily erotic practice. Together, we design a series of structured somatic sessions, which support your erotic desired outcomes.  Desired outcomes may include increased intimacy, deepened pleasure, sexual transformation, getting unstuck or building confidence.  

Joseph’s compassionate support allows you to develop the foundational embodiment skills of breath, movement, placement of attention, and regulation of excitement and bliss. He helps you to make use of peak erotic trance states and dispel shame.

Since learning new skills and changing habits happen with mindful practice over time, you receive regular and consistent guidance and encouragement from Joseph through email, Skype and phone sessions.

Students enrolled in  “The Yoga of Sex” find that scheduling Erotic Coaching sessions with Joseph deepens their engagement with the curriculum and accelerates their learning.  Coaching is appropriate for individuals, couples and groups.  

Wherever you are on your journey, Joseph Kramer walks next to you on your path into erotic embodiment.

Coaching fee: $100/50 min
Coaching fee for Yoga of Sex students or Sexological Bodyworkers: $100/100 min