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Porn Yoga Coaching for Porn Lovers with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

If you love porn, sex educator Joseph Kramer can help you become a better lover and experience more pleasure while watching and wanking.  

More and more individuals are using pornography. This is understandable because erotic imagery can make sexual arousal efficient, effortless, and pleasurable. The downside is that watching porn often involves forgetting one's own body.  The main character in the recent film Don Jon describes what happens when he watches porn, “I lose myself.”

What is Porn Yoga?

Porn yoga involves pleasurable, playful and transformative practices and movements that you do while mindfully masturbating to pornography.  Joseph assists porn lovers to make use of the porn high to enliven the body, open the heart, and create full-bodied orgasmic states.  Porn Yoga coaching does not deal with the content of the porn watched.

Check out this free class and two-minute video of a dozen folks practicing Porn Yoga:  Porn Yoga: Stand for Sexual Fitness.

If you wish to learn Porn Yoga with Joseph, he asks that you first engage the following Porn Yoga practice for three to five sessions.  Then report to him about these first Porn Yoga sessions.  

Stand Up and Move Asana

Don’t be a couch potato wanker. Many of us forget our bodies while watching porn. Stand up to masturbate. Raise your viewing screen so it is eye level. This new position has the potential to change the way you masturbate in just a few sessions. 
Joseph recommends women make use of Hitachi Magic Wands.  This standing practice for women has been named “The Betty” in honor of Betty Dodson.

To continue your Porn Yoga coaching, tell Joseph about your Stand Up Porn Yoga experience.  Describe each session, your sensations, and any distractions.  Mail your report to kramer (at) erospirit.org and purchase the Porn Yoga Package (Three 40-minute sessions). He will get back to you to schedule your month of Porn Yoga.  If you have been masturbating to porn the same way for the last ten years, you owe it to yourself to learn some Porn Yoga. 

Three 40-minute phone or video coaching sessions:  $200.