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Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching

Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching

In this ebook class, you are invited to explore the new profession of sex coaching with somatic sexologist by Joseph Kramer. This book is a text for the training of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. There are coaches for football, swimming, wrestling, and running. There are life coaches and business coaches. Why not sex coaches? Wanking coaches? Orgasm coaches? Tantric coaches? Erotic embodiment coaches?

This training focuses on how we can offer crucial assistance to our lovers, friends, clients and even to strangers by taking on the role of sex coach, erotic mentor, teacher and witness. Instructor Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., believes that one third of the men and women who see psychotherapists actually need to learn to masturbate better. Rather than psychotherapy, they need sex coaching.

This eBook course contains resources, homework assignments, approaches to coaching, student insights, and stories of successes. Included are a sexual history questionnaire and a "desired outcomes of masturbation coaching" questionnaire, invaluable for your work.

Masturbation, like all somatic experience, becomes more rewarding with practice. Exploring self touch mindfully leads us to unexpected insights and pleasure. Guidance from this book can help you with your own erotic practice and will assist you in helping others.

This book is required reading in The Yoga of Sex Homestudy Course and also in the professional Sexological Bodywork Training.

The video demonstrations and readings available at the Orgasmic Yoga Institute are important resources for masturbation coaches.   

Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching (122 pages) will be emailed to you in PDF format.