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Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching

Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching

In this ebook class, you are invited to explore the new profession of sex coaching with somatic sexologist by Joseph Kramer. There are coaches for football, swimming, wrestling, and running. There are life coaches and business coaches. Why not sex coaches? Wanking coaches? Orgasm coaches? Tantric coaches? Erotic embodiment coaches?

This training focuses on how we can offer crucial assistance to our lovers, friends, clients and even to strangers by taking on the role of sex coach, erotic mentor, teacher and witness. Instructor Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., believes that one third of the men and women who see psychotherapists actually need to learn to masturbate better. Rather than psychotherapy, they need sex coaching. This ebook is a text in the professional Sexological Bodywork Training.


Taoist Erotic Massage (E-Book)

This easy-to-read doctoral dissertation by somatic sexologist Joseph Kramer examines Taoist Erotic Massage, a sexual experience involving conscious breathing, genital touching, movement, and intention. This erotic body meditation can produce a variety of transformative altered states in those receiving it. more