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Porn Yoga Coaching for Porn Lovers with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

If you love porn, sex educator Joseph Kramer can help you become a better lover and experience more pleasure while watching and wanking.  

More and more individuals are using pornography. This is understandable because erotic imagery can make sexual arousal efficient, effortless, and pleasurable. The downside is that watching porn often involves forgetting one's own body. The main character in the recent film Don Jon describes what happens when he watches porn, “I lose myself.”

 Porn yoga involves pleasurable, playful and transformative practices and movements that you do while mindfully masturbating to pornography. Joseph Kramer coaches porn lovers to make use of the porn high to enliven the body, open the heart, and create full-bodied orgasmic states.

Somatic Sex Coaching with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Somatic Sex Coaching with Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Embodied Erotic Coaching with Joseph Kramer supports you in creating structured daily erotic practice. Together, we design a series of structured somatic sessions, which support your erotic desired outcomes.  Desired outcomes may include increased intimacy, deepened pleasure, sexual transformation, getting unstuck or building confidence.  

Joseph’s compassionate support allows you to develop the foundational embodiment skills of breath, movement, placement of attention, and regulation of excitement and bliss. He helps you to make use of peak erotic trance states and dispel shame.

Since learning new skills and changing habits happen with mindful practice over time, you receive regular and consistent guidance and encouragement from Joseph through email, Skype and phone sessions. more