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The New School of Erotic Touch

Become a Great Lover.   Learn Erotic Touch.

Sexual Yoga, in cooperation with The New School of Erotic Touch and the Orgasmic Yoga Institute offers you more than fifty-five different erotic massage, orgasmic yoga and other sex education classes. Below are classes at The New School of Erotic Touch. Visit the Orgasmic Yoga Institute for additional classes provided with your membership. As you experience one or more of these classes, you may wish to contact Sexual Yoga for phone coaching or for private massage sessions.   As a Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, we are trained in all of the techniques offered in these classes. Our commitment is your sexual well-being.

Includes free membership at the Orgasmic Yoga Institute Total 55+ classes
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$19.95 individual video classes, renews at $9.95/month • $39 per month for all classes, renews monthly