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Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation

Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation

Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation

Join us on an erotic, educational, and visionary journey into the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation. Tallulah Sulis, somatic sexologist and erotic educator, combines practical information, diagrams, and instruction with personal stories, explicit demonstrations, and ritual. The class includes an interview with Deborah Sundahl, one of the first women to teach female ejaculation.

Tallulah describes her work: “You will see several women explicitly sharing their unique experience of female ejaculation, beautifully enhanced with music and visionary arts, while learning several techniques to unleash your sacred feminine waters.”

This class includes full nudity and explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this class you can learn:

• The location of the G-spot
• How to awaken the G-spot
• Clitoral and G-spot stimulation techniques you and your partner can use while making love
• To "give birth to your orgasm"
• How kegel exercises, breathing, and visualization can help women ejaculate

Instructors Include: Tallulah Sulis, CSB

Class Format: 77 minutes of video
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This course is from the DVD "Divine Nectar: An Explosive Journey Through The Sacred Feminine."

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