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YouTube Wisdom

Erotic Touch is everywhere, including YouTube. We've selected videos we like particularly - and ones we don't like. We invite you to share your favorite erotic touch videos with us. Email us the url of the video and your commentary. If we post it, you get a free course from the New School's Core Teaching.

Non-stop neural firing?

This video correctly mocks the "prolonged orgasm" promises of many sex coaches and Tantra teachers. This deluded Tantra teacher has endured fifteen years of almost unbearable stimulation to his nervous system.  Does orgasm involve continuous excitement? Non-stop neural firing?

Orgasms--especially those experienced during erotic massage--involve the interplay of excitement and joy/contentment. Stimulating touch excites and increases neural firing. Relaxing touch calms and decreases neural firing. These exquisite states, produced by this dance of opposites, is what can be learned here at The New School of Erotic Touch.

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Fiat or Kamasutra?

This insidious ad was created to warn about the dangers of sexual playfulness. We see an adventurous couple get “stuck” while exploring sexual positions. Over fifty neighbors watch as the shamed couple is wheeled from their bed to an ambulance.

The ad ends with the message: “It is safer to buy stuff than to make love.”

The truth is that making love is way better than shopping. Be careful. The more you give and receive erotic massage, the more your credit card debt will disappear.

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How to Get Sexual Confidence

"Sexual confidence is erotic embodiment." Sexological Bodyworkers and teachers Celeste and Danielle share the secrets to true happiness in and out of bed through erotic embodiment. It's a way of life, brings a sense of peace, and let's you flirt with the world. Sexological Bodywork is taught by Celeste and Danielle using the New School site.

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