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Medibation: Masturbation as Meditation

Annie Sprinkle Ph.D.

Annie Sprinkle

When you masturbate, do you sometimes feel like you are entering a spiritual state? Does your head ever get totally peaceful, or thoughts just flow through you like water? Do you sometimes get your best ideas while pleasuring yourself? If so, you may already be practicing what I call “Medibation,” a combination of masturbation and meditation.


Accessing Erotic Trance for Men

Ed Ehrgott C.S.B.

Ed Ehrgott

If you're like many men, you learned as a child. Most of us first explored masturbation when we were between 11 and 14 years old. How old are you now? Does the way you learned when you were a child still support and nourish you today? Most men haven't changed the way we pleasure ourselves since that time.