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Pointers for Sexual-Spiritual Practice - From The Way of the BodyPrayerPath

Barnaby Barratt Ph.D.

The Way of the Body/Prayer/Path
Although no teaching about this path can substitute for our immediate experience in its practice, there is a role for tantric facilitators, who are neither priests nor professors, but individuals who can share some “pointers” derived from the practices of their own enlightening. Drawing upon the wisdom of many tantric facilitators, here are thirteen interrelated pointers. They are all different ways of expressing the same three principles of method. May they be helpful for our mindfulness as we dance into our spiritual practice.


Isa Magdalena - From Reclaiming Eros

Margaret Wade and Suzanne Blackburn

Reclaiming ErosIt’s been an amazing journey, really. The erotic exploration I started doing first came from my body, but I would also say that there were strands in the cosmic field that were helping me. When I think back, my mind immediately starts to see how those strands converged, leading me to integrate sex and spirit. I seem to have this particular path of stumbling along, picking pieces from here and pieces from there – pieces from various traditions. But ultimately, the way I work is not traditional. Perhaps not having a teacher or a guru gives my discoveries a fresh innocence.


Sexual Kung Fu Practice

Loren Johnson

Sexual energy is one of the greatest powers we have access to in the human realm.  Learning to tap that creative, life giving force in a skillful way is the objective of the various tantric sexual practices.  Sexual kung fu, the Chinese medical form of tantric sex, literally means skillful practice of sex.


Erotic Trance Dancing for Men--Refections and Guidance

Ed Ehrgott

There are so many ways to experience solo pleasure. It's also easy to develop habits. Of course, habits can be both helpful and restrictive. Pleasurable habits can certainly feel great, but may also inhibit our exploration. I invite you to take a look at the way you make love to yourself and explore additional options.


Healing Sex--Six Easy Pieces

Staci Haines

Steps to Healing Sexually: Starting Your Sexual Recovery

By Staci Haines, creator of the film Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma

Sex is simple and incredibly complex all at the same time. Sex is filled with contradictions, pleasure, pains, satisfaction, confusion, desire, and a wide variety of emotions. Sex is a natural and fundamental part of humans. Even those who decide to be celibate have had to decide how to express their sexuality. Sex is also used for contradictory purposes. It can be used for pleasurable and life-giving ends or misused and abused to hurt others.

The contradictions in sex are especially apparent for the many women and men who have experienced some form of non-consensual sex or sexual trauma and abuse. Sex can get mixed with abuse for survivors and become very difficult to untwine later. Sexual healing can also be one of the most powerful aspects of recovery after sexual trauma and reap the greatest rewards.