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Whitman's Child: Joseph Kramer - From The Red Thread of Passion

David Guy

The Red Thread of PassionJoseph Kramer is warm, friendly, affectionate, expansive, and just slightly – shall we say – hyper. He had recently turned fifty when I visited him at his home in Oakland, but there is something boyish about him, like a boy genius who can’t keep the words from flowing. He kept reaching out to grab me as we walked along the sidewalk to lunch, as if to make sure we were still in touch; he constantly - as a practitioner of rebirthing – took in large gusts of air and let them out with an audible sigh; he frequently burst into shouts of barrel-chested laughter; and as we sat together at a sushi bar he let out audible murmurs of pleasure at tastes. He took delight in everything, even – it seemed – our footsteps as we strolled along the sidewalk.