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The Ecology Taboo

Jonathan Mack

The Ecology Taboo

As a person madly avid for both sex and ecology, I can’t help but notice how, at a pleasant dinner party with thoughtful, educated, open-minded people, it is far more acceptable to mention masturbation than ecology.  Anal sex is a topic more welcome than climate change and you’re better off referencing bondage and discipline than overpopulation.  Cross-dressing will win you more friends than noting the loss of biodiversity, and your sex toys will doubtless prove more popular at the supper table than your concern over the loss of species, freshwater, or rare metals.

I’m a gay sex fiend.  No one minds.  Oh please.  No one notices.  Everyone above the age of eleven has already watched every conceivable sex act on XTube.  Every branch of perversity is now ho-hum – but mention climate change and people shift nervously in their chairs. . .