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Breath as an Erotic Practice: Some Helpful Information

Caffyn Jesse

Breathing shallowly is a life-saving autonomic nervous system response to stress. But the stresses of contemporary life can keep our bodies in a chronic state of emergency, with a chronic pattern of shallow breathing. This "stress breath" disturbs the oxygen/CO2 balance in our bodies. A vicious circle is established: anxiety leads to rapid breathing, while the body's consequent biochemical imbalance triggers alarm. The heart has to work harder to move less-oxygenated blood around the body.


How To Touch - From Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century

Barbara Carrellas

Urban TantraSex, whether Tantric or not, involves touch. Lots of touch. Traditional sex guides usually discuss which body parts to touch, when to touch it, and how fast to touch it. This is great, as far as it goes. But in Tantra, we want to go a step further. We want to become the touch. In order to do that, we need to find the narrow realm of touch that lies between too much pressure and too little. When you touch a body, you want to touch deeply enough that the body pushes back just a little. If a muscle becomes rigid under your touch, you've gone too far. If the muscle feels flaccid, you haven't gone far enough.


Cómo aprender el toque erótico en Internet

Dr. Joseph Kramer

En la Nueva Escuela del Toque Erótico te invitamos a experimentar cómo los humanos aprendemos el sexo. Un aprendizaje profundo se da cuando repetimos conscientemente una práctica o un toque de masaje, una y otra vez. La práctica erótica es divertida, gratificante y transformativa cuando utilizamos este modelo yoga consciente y centrado de educación. Nuestras clases están basadas en este tipo de aprendizaje.


La Educación Somática es educación empoderada

Dr. Joseph Kramer

La educación somática es una forma de aprendizaje en el cuerpo, a través de la conciencia y la práctica auto-dirigida.


Taoist Erotic Massage and the Biochemistry of Ecstasy

Caffyn Jesse

A couple feels fractured because she wants more sex than he does. A pre-operative transsexual wonders how to explore possibilities for pleasure. A woman is gripped by an erotic obsession. A man struggles with premature ejaculation problems. There is one practice that can open new possibilities for all of these people, and many more: Taoist Erotic Massage. Taoist Erotic Massage is full-body massage that can include prolonged and creative genital stimulation. Recipients are encouraged to breathe deeply, relaxing into the sensation. The massage is typically climaxed with a staccato breathing pattern, a full-body clench and release, and a period of meditation.


Solo Practice - From Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom

Barnaby Barratt Ph.D.

Sexual Health and Erotic FreedomPernicious religious doctrines, political legislation, social convention., cultural mores and folkloric dogma all focus on our genitals in an adverse manner. “Masturbation” and “fornication”, both heterosexual and homosexual are usually designated the paramount “sins” against which all sorts of moralizing ideologies are promulgated.


Healing Sex--Six Easy Pieces

Staci Haines

Steps to Healing Sexually: Starting Your Sexual Recovery

By Staci Haines, creator of the film Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma

Sex is simple and incredibly complex all at the same time. Sex is filled with contradictions, pleasure, pains, satisfaction, confusion, desire, and a wide variety of emotions. Sex is a natural and fundamental part of humans. Even those who decide to be celibate have had to decide how to express their sexuality. Sex is also used for contradictory purposes. It can be used for pleasurable and life-giving ends or misused and abused to hurt others.

The contradictions in sex are especially apparent for the many women and men who have experienced some form of non-consensual sex or sexual trauma and abuse. Sex can get mixed with abuse for survivors and become very difficult to untwine later. Sexual healing can also be one of the most powerful aspects of recovery after sexual trauma and reap the greatest rewards.


How To Learn Erotic Touch on the Internet

The New School

logoWe at The New School of Erotic Touch invite you to experience how humans learn sex. Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice, or massage stroke, mindfully over time. Erotic practice is fun, rewarding and transformational when we use this conscious, focused yoga model of education. Our classes are based on this type of learning.


La mente erótica de Jack Morin: Resumen y revisión

Joseph Kramer Ph.D.


La primera vez que escuché algo sobre el psicólogo de San Francisco Jack Morin fue en la novela de 1978 de Andrew Holleran “Dancer from the dance”, donde se hace una breve mención a un grupo de hombres que hacían terapia anal juntos. Ese era Jack. Seguramente él más que nadie me aconsejó y guió a superar todos  los escollos hasta conseguir mi doctorado en Sexualidad humana.

Whitman's Child: Joseph Kramer - From The Red Thread of Passion

David Guy

The Red Thread of PassionJoseph Kramer is warm, friendly, affectionate, expansive, and just slightly – shall we say – hyper. He had recently turned fifty when I visited him at his home in Oakland, but there is something boyish about him, like a boy genius who can’t keep the words from flowing. He kept reaching out to grab me as we walked along the sidewalk to lunch, as if to make sure we were still in touch; he constantly - as a practitioner of rebirthing – took in large gusts of air and let them out with an audible sigh; he frequently burst into shouts of barrel-chested laughter; and as we sat together at a sushi bar he let out audible murmurs of pleasure at tastes. He took delight in everything, even – it seemed – our footsteps as we strolled along the sidewalk.