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We've taken our most popular DVDs and made them available to you in a month-long class format. Learn erotic touch today from our streaming and downloadable video instruction.
 The Orgasmic Yoga Journal – Winter 2012-13

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal – Winter 2012-13

Philip Deal (a.k.a. adamlikesapples) deserves an Olymplic Gold medal in thrusting. Check out the results from 100 hours of Fleshlight Yoga practice. To foster erotic mindfulness, Janine repeats the same stroke on the vulva again and again. In my trainings, we often start the day with an erotic practice. Student of sex: the amazing resources at www.eroticmassage.com and www.orgasmicyoga.com can support and guide your erotic practice sessions. more
The Orgasmic Yoga Journal – Spring 2012

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal – Spring 2012

Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm is brought to you for free by The New School of Erotic Touch is the most stunning collection of orgasm wisdom ever created. Annie Sprinkle, ever the sex researcher, reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasm experience. She has invited twenty-six of her friends and colleagues to share their orgasm wisdom. more
The Orgasmic Yoga Journal- Winter 2012

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal- Winter 2012

The Necessity of Practice

Practice is preparation. Without practice the human being is unprepared to meet the demands of life. While some species are born "hard-wired" to operate maturely as soon as they enter life, human beings require practice. Nature provides a crocodile with all the necessary capacities to survive as soon as they are born. For all practical purposes a newborn crocodile is an adult crocodile, just smaller. In contrast, human beings require complex exchanges between nature and nurture over decades of experience to cultivate mature capacities. Of the full territory of being human, the majority of life is intrinsically tied to skills that are learned and refined through repeated practice over a diverse range of faculties.

Practice is, at its center, engagement. When you practice you engage the various faculties that the chosen activity requires. The more you engage, the more prepared you become. When you took your first steps in life and began walking you most likely balanced tentatively, teetered and fell. Often. But with practice, as you engaged the activity of walking over and over, you became increasingly more competent, more proficient and ultimately more elegant to move about in the world and meet the demands of your life.

From About Strength to Awaken: An Integral Guide to Strength Training, Performance and Spiritual Practice for Men and Women by Rob McNamara.  

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - December 2010- January 2011

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - December 2010- January 2011

Changing The Way We Touch

Sensate Focus

Changing the way we touch requires learning how to reside fully in our bodies. "Sensate focus" is the name for a specific body-based touch technique that helps people to learn how to place their attention within their physical bodies. This practice was developed and named by erotic pioneers Masters and Johnson in the 1960s.

The essence of sensate focus is learning to place one's attention of giving and receiving touch. This placement of attention on touch seems so obvious to us today, but fifty years ago, sensate focus was considered astonishing and even magical. This can be practiced while giving or receiving any kind of touch.

Often, lovers begin practicing sensate focus while exchanging hand massages, foot rubs, or shoulder massage. Once they are comfortable with staying present to these kinds of touches, they may choose to use sensate focus during an erotic massage or another sexual exchange. Regular practice of this simple technique can lead to profound results and a heightened sense of pleasure. In other words, the skill of being able to focus on the sensate develops with regular practice. This can also be called "becoming mindful of touch."

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - Winter 2010:  Solo Erotic Practice

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - Winter 2010: Solo Erotic Practice

How to Make Optimum Use of the Solo Sex Video Demonstrations

Before watching each video clip, be clear on why you are watching. Your intention will influence your learning. You may want expand your capacity for pleasure or to deepen your intimacy with yourself. Or maybe you just want some sensuous entertainment.

Engage your body as you watch the video. Model the movements on the screen. Most folks do not learn by watching.

Watch each video clip several times. Take notes that will inform your practice. Be sure to watch the video again after you have tried the practice. You will see with different eyes.

Watch the video and practice with others. Give each other encouragement and guidance before, during and after your practice sessions.

Some students find it useful to watch with the intention of adding to their regular erotic practice. This is a good strategy.

Erotic practice involves both doing and being. Notice the when the practitioner in the video is actively engaged in the practice and notice when s/he is quietly being. We have chosen video clips for this journal that emphasize doing. Imagine the practitioner quietly being with the feelings and sensations of his or her body after such doing.

Be sure to breathe! Breathing wakes us up and circulates erotic feelings throughout the body. Try out different breathing patterns and see how they feel in your body.
The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - Winter 2010: Solo Erotic Practice
Many of us are not aware that conscious erotic self-touch expands our capacity to love and be loved. Intimacy with self is the foundation for intimacy with others. Whether we practice alone or with others, Orgasmic Yoga is a powerful and pleasurable way to reconnect with our inner body. The core learning in the six Orgasmic Yoga Journal video demonstrations is to be more creative with sexual arousal. more
The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - Fall 2009:  Mastering the Art of Erotic Massage

The Orgasmic Yoga Journal - Fall 2009: Mastering the Art of Erotic Massage

Somatic Education is Embodied Education

Somatic education is a way of learning in the body through mindfulness and self-directed practice.

1) Somatic education takes place in the body. You will not learn erotic touch by watching a video and thinking about it. You will learn by watching and practicing the strokes, with your body. Embodied learning takes place away from the computer.

2) Somatic learning involves practice over time. No one learns to play an instrument or a sport overnight.

3) Somatic education is self-directed. This videdo classes offer you demonstrations, resources, and suggestions, but ultimately you decide what you want to learn, where to place your focus, and how to proceed on your sensuous journey. For some people, self-directed practice comes easily. For others, it is challenging. Learning with someone can make practice more fun.

4) Somatic learning is most effective when done in a communal context. This is especially true of erotic massage. The communal context might be just you and your lover, or it may be an entire community of erotic explorers.

5) Erotic coaches, teachers, and wise friends can assist you as you direct your own erotic massage education.

Erotic Massage can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Somatic learning is a gift you give your body. The opportunity for an ever-expanding capacity for pleasure and intimacy is not one to be taken lightly. Watch, learn, practice, and savor, and you will enjoy greater self-knowledge, increased intimacy, and more fun than you ever thought possible. Let the learning begin!