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How to Make Use of this Site

By: Ariadne H. Luya

This site can be of benefit to you in many ways. You may be interested in finding new ways to pleasure yourself and others. You may be curious to learn more about massage, breath work, and orgasm. Perhaps you wish to investigate what pioneers in the field of sexuality have discovered that will inspire you further in your own explorations. The New School of Erotic Touch offers a great variety of information that addresses many different aspects of eroticism. We recommend that you look throughout the entire site, for you may find your interests include areas you have not yet considered. To get started, here are some suggestions as to how this site can work for you.

If you are…

Dating—This site offers you the opportunity to gain erotic skills, increase your confidence, and answer questions like: “What can I do to turn on my date? How shall I touch my partner? How can I guide them in touching me?” Here you can learn massage that you can offer to your date. During your time together, you may wish to watch demonstrations of erotic touch on this site. Know that with the skills you learn here, you can offer your dates touch that is interesting, unique, and very pleasurable. You--and they--will want more.

College students—Many college students are comfortable with the basics of sex, and want to explore further. This site offers you sensual skills far beyond those of your peers. Expand your exposure to graphic sexuality way past porn and into the wide eroticism of embodied sex. Besides helping you to become a better lover, this site can help you with your school work: after researching erotic trance states, students looking for material for reports can find inspiration and information here pertaining to communication, sexuality, anatomy and physiology, cultural anthropology, film studies, education, art, and much more.

Massage therapists—Massage therapists are notorious for not massaging their lovers. Upgrade your professional touch skills into sensuous lovemaking with the inspirational demonstrations and video teachings available here. Almost all of the teachers on this site are professional massage therapists. You, as a massage therapist, already have excellent touching skills; you know how to focus and you know how to give. You know what it takes to be a good receiver. You have most of what it takes to be an excellent lover. This site can show you specific techniques and strokes that will allow you to call upon your skills in massage to become an even more fantastic lover. And if it is your lover who is a massage therapist, consider giving them a gift membership on this site. You both will benefit!

Psychotherapists—As a valuable resource for your work with your patients, this site provides many opportunities for profound learning. For you, developing a greater sense of ease, comfort, and an expanded understanding of eroticism can aid you in your practice. For your clients, viewing these videos can help reduce sexual shame and guilt. Exposure to healthy positive sexuality and a variety of bodies and genitals, and the opportunity to raise confidence through learning touch skills can create profound change in how your patients feel about sex. The response of your patients to this material can open up new territories for therapeutic exploration and growth.

Sex educators/sex therapists—This is a site for sex educators created by sex educators. Far beyond addressing issues of disease, contraception, and dysfunction, this site focuses on expanding eroticism and diving deep into pleasure. Becoming familiar with the skills offered here can help you refer to options your clients may not have ever considered. Sending your clients to this site can give them the opportunity for specific, realistic learning that can enhance their sexuality and relationships. Clients’ responses to the content presented here can provide them (and you!) with insight and entry into deeper levels of emotion and thought than were previously available. The high quality teachings presented can beautifully augment the work you do together.

Couples—This site can offer you lots of new ways to touch and love each other. With time, many of us can fall into practicing a few tried and true love making behaviors that, though still working for us, may become so predictable and limited that they begin to work less well. Here, many different couples demonstrate techniques that can inspire both you and your lover to new levels of intimacy, passion, and pleasure.

Parents—Parents are often overwhelmingly busy, responsible, sleep deprived, and overworked, and are rarely acknowledged as sexual beings. But parents are people, and people are sexual! This site can help you find ways to keep and enhance your sexual selves.
As lovers: sometimes we might feel too exhausted for sex, but rarely are we too tired to receive a massage. Erotic massage can be a wonderful gift we can share with our mates. Giving ourselves erotic massage can help us to stay centered, healthy and happy, and to be better partners and parents.
During pregnancy: having more options for erotic connection can help couples feel supported and loved during this time of change. Differing levels of energy and desire, physical ability, or medical advisability all can contribute to the need for increased erotic skills that can serve both partners. A healthy, active sex life during pregnancy increases blood flow to the pelvis, tones muscles, balances hormones, and helps parents prepare for an easier birth. Enhanced communication and conscious breath work can also be developed through the teachings offered here.
As educators: Enlightened parents know that their children need more information about sex than even the best comprehensive or “abstinence-plus” school program can offer. This site can provide frameworks for ways to think and talk about masturbation and partner sex alternatives to intercourse.

Older—This site can expand your lovemaking techniques with new ideas and skills for advanced eroticism. With age, as is true any time throughout our lives, we may experience differing levels of energy and desire, physical ability, or medical advisability; all of which can contribute to the need for increased erotic skills. Greater time on this earth often leads to greater wisdom and experience, and the desire for ever expanding capacities for pleasure. You will find advanced realms of eroticism available for learning here.

Whoever you are, this site has something to offer to you. Look around, and see what you can find.