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Erotic Trance Dancing for Men--Refections and Guidance

By: Ed Ehrgott

There are so many ways to experience solo pleasure. It's also easy to develop habits. Of course, habits can be both helpful and restrictive. Pleasurable habits can certainly feel great, but may also inhibit our exploration. I invite you to take a look at the way you make love to yourself and explore additional options.

Most of us are used to a standard way to masturbate. The piston stroke - gripping the penis with your fist and stroking - is usually pretty popular. While this can feel great, it's hard to move the entire body with this technique. Most of the time your body is rigid and tense as you're moving your arm. While this certainly feels great, there are different sensations that can be felt by moving and thrusting the body. I've noticed that there are times when my body wants to relax and be still and savor the pleasure. So sitting back and enjoying some self touch feels great. There are also other times when my body just wants to move. The whole experience is very different when my body moves than when it is still. When moving my body and my pelvis,  the experience is more dynamic. Again, one way isn't any better than the other; the important thing is to listen to your body and move in a way that your body wants to move.

I invite you to listen to your body. If you're not quite sure if you feel like moving or not, try both and see what feels more natural. Also note that you'll feel different at different times. For example, in the morning I'm usually more still and contemplative. In the evening I'm often moving. If you're noticing that you want to move try some of these exercises to let the blood and sweat start flowing!

Ecstatic trance dance can get your blood and body moving and wake up your erotic centers. Combine touch and dance. You don't have to be perfect with this. Trust me - I'm not at all, yet I can have an amazing and fulfilling experience!

Sound is an overlooked tool to expand your pleasure. Sometimes we've been conditioned to keep quiet - we don't want to get caught. Sound has a way of opening up the body and releasing primal instincts. Experiment with sound and see what opens up in your body. 

Sometimes it can be a challenge to let go of control. We often want to have a particular type of experience and try to shape our pleasure to meet our expectations. Letting go of control, especially around orgasm, allows our body to do what is naturally needed. Sometimes, that may be a nice gentle orgasm. Other times, that may be an intense orgasm with much body movement. When we let go and just experience it, our orgasm becomes a much more powerful, embodied release.

The Fleshlight is an innovative toy that can help you move your pelvis and take your self-pleasuring to new heights. I've noticed that when I'm moving and choose to ejaculate, the experience is much different than when I'm more still. Again, no way is best; the important thing is to do what your body wants. After involving your entire body make ejaculation a conscious choice and, if you choose, let go, surrender and enjoy!

 You can learn more about Ed Ehrgott and his solo sex coaching at www.sacredtouchformen.com.