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Somatic Education is Embodied Education

By: Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Somatic education is a way of learning in the body through mindfulness and self-directed practice.

1) Somatic education takes place in the body. You will not learn new erotic practices by watching a video. You will learn by watching and then involving your body.  Embodied learning takes place away from the computer.

2) Somatic learning involves practice over time. No one learns to play an instrument or a sport overnight.

3) Somatic education is self-directed. The video lessons available here at The New School offer you demonstrations, resources, and suggestions, but ultimately you decide what you want to learn, where to place your focus, and how to proceed on your sensuous journey. For some people, self-directed practice comes easily. For others, it is challenging. Learning with someone can make practice more fun.

4) Somatic learning is most effective when done in a communal context. This is especially true of Orgasmic Yoga and erotic massage. The communal context might be just you and your lover, or it may be an entire community of erotic explorers.

5) Erotic coaches, teachers, and wise friends can assist you as you direct your own erotic massage or self-erotic massage education. Erotic touch can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Somatic learning is a gift you give your body. The opportunity for an ever-expanding capacity for pleasure and intimacy is not one to be taken lightly. Watch, learn, practice, and savor, and you will enjoy greater self-knowledge, increased intimacy, and more fun than you ever thought possible. Let the learning begin!